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Young Jordana Hubble continues recovering after being hit while exiting school bus

Jordana Hubble
Posted at 11:10 AM, Sep 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-29 18:44:39-04

KALISPELL — Many of us remember the story of Jordana Hubble, a then 6-year-old child struck by a vehicle after exiting a school bus near Whitefish in November of 2019.

Jordana spent seven months rehabilitating in a coma emergence program in Houston, before returning home to her family in Olney in August of 2020.

Close to two years after the horrific incident, Jordana continues to make major strides on her ongoing road to recovery.

Jordana Hubble

She is currently attending school part-time in Whitefish, which is a major milestone for Jordana and her family.

MTN’s Sean Wells visited with Jordana and her mom Veronica at their favorite park in Whitefish for a special update on her amazing recovery.

“We just keep setting new goals for her and she’s just chugging along, I mean she’s always going to be a little bit behind but by the time she’s my age it probably won’t even be noticeable,” Veronica said.

Be sure to catch the full story during Wednesday night’s 5:30 News.