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Border families continue demonstrations to draw attention to COVID separations

Posted at 5:31 PM, Apr 07, 2021

EUREKA — Families in Eureka and the Tobacco Valley are continuing their demonstrations, hoping to draw attention to the separation from their Canadian relatives because of the ongoing pandemic restrictions at the border.

The families first arrived at the border crossing at the Port of Roosville last month, carrying signs and waving to their grandparents, aunts, uncles and others that they haven't been able to see since the Canadian government closed the border to all but essential travel a year ago.

The group is hoping officials in Ottawa and Washington, D.C. will hear their stories and find some ways to modify the restrictions to at least allow some limited reunions and visiting.
They returned with more signs this past weekend, although the Canadian residents were kept a little further away, being told to gather at least 50-yards away from the port.

Since MTN aired stories about the situation last week, organizers say they've "tons of messages" from people offering their support, telling the families they had no idea about the gulf the restrictions had created.

The family separations have kept people from seeing each other for a year, or having to spend thousands of dollars to fly around and endure 14-day quarantines after visiting their loved ones.

In addition, business and government leaders in northern Lincoln County have said the closure has also hurt the area because of the lost tourist traffic and keeping Canadians from coming to Eureka to shop, or visit properties they own in Montana.