Plains Schools set to resume in class learning Monday

Posted at 11:12 PM, Sep 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 11:47:41-04

PLAINS  — After switching to remote learning last week because of positive COVID cases and close contacts, Plains School administrators are planning to resume in-class learning for students Monday.

"We didn't have an astronomical amount. We had a significant amount, especially in our high school student population," says Plains School Superintendent Tom Chisholm. "A few in our elementary ones. But mostly in our high school."

"And then with the current close contact methodology at that time, it really spilled over so that necessitated our high school shutdown. We were kind of the, quote-unquote, the first. We've had some backlash over that I guess is the word to use. But you know we're also the first one to come out the other side of it. So hopefully we can put this in our review mirror and go forward."

Chisholm says the district set up a system where parents could pick up packets, just like last year, and also limited some assignments to make it easier for students and their families. The district also used the time to sanitize and ventilate the buildings, installing HEPA filters to help with clean airflow and staff started returning Thursday afternoon.

"You know one of our biggest things is extracurricular activities," Chisholm explained. "You know, the Missoula schools made that call early, actually a few days before we did. And I call 'em the 'bigs'. When Hellgate and Sentinel are going to postpone a game it kind of made more sense for us."

"But you know what? We've revamped our schedule. We've got Homecoming reset. We have all but one of our football games on. And right now I think all but one of our volleyball games has been re-scheduled. So we're back on track."

More information on the Plains School re-opening is on their website.