Weather Forecast: A wintry mix for the valleys + mountain snow to start the week

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Posted at 4:02 AM, Jan 09, 2023

MISSOULA - More moisture is on the way for Western Montana.

A stationary low pressure system off the Pacific coast will bring waves of precipitation throughout the week.

The first wave hit Sunday night, with more on the way today.

Although a high pressure system over the state will things mostly dry for the week, the stationary low will be able to break through and bring some winter weather.

Valleys are expecting more of a wintry mix of precipitation, while higher elevations areas will see snow.

Low visibility (where snow falls) and spots of black ice are the main concerns with this weak set of systems.

Overall, travel impacts should be minor, but most of the widespread precipitation will not fall until later tonight.

For the rest of the week temperatures stay in the upper 30s and conditions just look cloudy.

Other waves of moisture could break through again, so small precipitation chances (20%) have been issued for some days.